Boris Gurevich, Ph.D.

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Learn how to trade live markets for stocks, options, futures and FX one-on-one with me, your personal trading mentor, Boris I. Gurevich, Ph.D. Trading side-by-side with a professional trader is by far the most efficient and the least expensive way to learn how to consistently profit in any market: bull, bear or flat. You will be trading real markets in real time. To qualify for your FREE consultation, call/text: 1 949 246 9040, email: or Skype:
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Options Trading Coach| Trading Options with ProHow my services are different from the stereotypical webinars, group coaching and so-called "trading systems"? Simple: you are learning by trading live markets one-one-one with a professional. The private coaching is specifically adjusted to your needs and your trading personality. We will begin by trading my personal account.
Together, we will trade live markets in real time. You and I will see each other's monitors online and discuss our trading decisions. Before you execute  any trades, we will brainstorm your strategy and tactics, including your decisions about protecting and exiting your new and current positions.
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